Site Administrator -June 23, 2009


Added another artist to the "Artist" page with some of his sick tats: Rory. Check 'em out! Also, we forgot to announce one of our other artists that we put up a month ago, JAHS 10. They all have some really good work, so head over to the "Artist" page to check out each artists work or check out all the tats in our Showroom/Portfolio section!

Added some of the pictures to the "Portfolio" page and we'll be adding more artists along with their tats, soon.

Lastly, we are going to be adding a little more to the overall design of the website to blend in with the new background image we threw up. We are thinking of restructuring this content area as well, so look for some changes in the coming week or so. Until next time...peace.

Site Administrator - March 20, 2009

Got some good additions added to the website today. We've put up Stephen's new artist profile section which has been added to "Artist" section of the website.

We will be adding more of profiles up over the next week or two. We've also added a new feature which allows you to easily preview each of the artists designs without leaving the page.

We'll be working on the new 'Portfolio' page which will show off a bit more of our artwork not seen on the Artists profile page.